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Clothes Moth


Cream or white, about 3/8-inch. Larvae often leave strands of the silk they spin on fabrics.


As their name implies, clothes moths live in clothing, carpets, fabrics and furs. They can fly but usually hide in dark corners or in the folds of fabric. While not particularly dangerous, they can do real damage to clothes and other fabrics.


These moths are able to digest animal hairs and feed on any item made of natural fibers, particularly wool and cashmere.

Insect control: clothes moths

Before storing any woolen or natural fiber clothes, clean them according to directions. Zippered plastic storage units are better than boxes. If using boxes, they should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand and sealed with tape afterwards. Do not store the boxes in your attic, garage or basement if possible. Mothballs leave a strong odor but will help deter fabric pests.

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