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Carpet Beetle


Tan with tiny black, brown and white scales; round and small, up to 1/4-inch.


Outdoors, carpet beetles live in birds’ nests and animal dens where they can find animal hair and feather on which to feed. Indoors, they feed on natural fiber fabrics such as wool and silk. They may also be found living under carpets and rugs where hair or dead insects have accumulated. They can actually digest human or animal hair. Although not dangerous from a health standpoint, they can substantially damage personal belongings.


Animal hair, feathers, dead insects and natural fibers, particularly wool and cashmere.

Insect control: carpet beetles

Before storing any woolen or natural fiber clothes, clean them according to directions. Zippered plastic containers are better than boxes for storage.If using boxes, they should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand and sealed with tape afterwards. Do not store the boxes in your attic, garage or basement if possible. Mothballs leave a strong odor but will help deter fabric pests.

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