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Clover Mite


Tiny; adults are smaller than the head of a pin. Larva are bright red, adults are darker reddish brown. Two very long front legs.


Usually found outdoors in lawns and on plants. During the fall, however, clover mites may deposit eggs in the cracks of building foundations. Tiny red larvae hatch in the spring and may enter the building through cracks around windows and in walls. Numbering into the hundreds, these mites may be seen on window sills, curtains and walls. When smashed, a red stain appears. Clover mites are not harmful to people or pets and soon die if trapped inside for too long.


Clover mites feed on grass and other plant fluids.

Insect control: clover mites

Clover mites are common around most buildings in the Midwest; the problem is when they move indoors. Sealing all cracks and holes in the exterior of your home, repairing all screens and sealing up doorways and windows is the best way to prevent them from finding place in which to lay eggs or gain entry.

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