Occassional Invaders » Ladybug



Small and round, with red or orange wings, often spotted; 1/4-inch long.


Like box elder bugs and cluster flies, ladybugs congregate on the sunny south and west walls of buildings in early autumn, attracted by the warmth. They crawl into cracks in the walls and stay there for the winter. Often some of the bugs find their way inside the building.


Ladybugs prey on aphids and other plant pests, so they are found on a wide variety of plants outside.

Insect control: lady bugs

To prevent overwintering pests, seal as many cracks and holes in the outside of your home as possible, especially on the south and west walls where the sun heats the home during the late summer and fall. Make sure that all foundation and attic vents have tight-fitting screens, and check the soffit vents and any turbine vents on the roof. The outside west and south walls of your home near the eaves can be treated if necessary.

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