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Carpernter bee


Carpenter bees resemble bumblebees in both size and color. Their abdomens are all black, however, with few hairs. About 1-inch long.


Carpenter bees get their name from their habit of boring into wood to make galleries where they rear their young. In nature they live in logs and dead tree limbs, while around homes they target bare wood decks, fences and window sills. They prefer weathered or bare wood to painted wood. While they do not pose a public health threat, their nest building does damage wood.


Carpenter bees feed on nectar.

Insect control: carpenter bees

Painting bare wood can deter some carpenter bees but is a limited solution. Once holes have been started, the nest galleries must be treated. This is best done by a professional using a residual pest control product. The holes can be plugged several weeks later when it is positive that the bees have been killed.

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